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Throughout the year, we offer a variety of camps and clinics:

  • Stoneybrook Swim Camps

  • Racing Dive Clinics

  • Flip Turn Clinics

Stoneybrook Swim Camps

In these camps, we work on the development of swimming skills –novice level through advanced age group/senior swimmers. Swimmers are divided into groups – novice level swimmers learn how to swim! Intermediate and Advanced level swimmers develop their freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly strokes. Experienced age group team swimmers utilize a wide variety of drills to further improve their stroke technique. Racing dives, flip turns, stroke development, and speed work! LOTS of water games – LOTS of fun. Camp is open to all school aged children and teenagers!


Click here for the 2024 Spring Break Camp form!

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Swim Camps
Racing Dive Clinics

These clinics are specifically designed to focus on the skills that are necessary to have an outstanding racing dive. Swimmers will take the dive apart – isolating the various aspects of the racing and dive and challenging themselves to strengthen each element. As the clinic progresses, the dive is put "back together" – concluding with the swimmer executing the racing dive as they would leaving the block in a race. Swimmers of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend these camps and depending upon the size of the camp, swimmers may be broken into groups. All swimmers can improve their racing dive – making it more effective and efficient!

Racing Dives
Flip Turn Clinics

Flip turns for both freestyle and backstroke and the IM are so important to the speed and execution of a race for swimmers. This clinic is designed to help swimmers improve their flip turn technique. Each element of the turn is worked on so that the swimmer can focus on each skill for a period of time – from the entry into the turn, to the placement of the feet on the wall and the arms on the extension leaving the wall, to the final push off the wall – every aspect of the turn is given attention. Our goal is to ensure that each swimmer develops greater speed and efficiency with their turns. These clinics are open to swimmers of all ages and abilities. Every swimmer can benefit from a faster flip turn!

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Flip Turns

If you have questions regarding the swim team, swim lessons, swim camps, or Mommy & Me classes, please contact:

Coach Ann & Randy Stone

(407) 282-4970

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