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There are two fees for the Stone Crabs Swim Team: Registration Fees & Monthly Fees.

Registration fees are due once a year. Monthly fees are due every month.

Registration Fees

We are excited to offer two registration options for all of our swimmers: Year-Round and Summer Seasonal.


The registration fee is due upon joining the Stone Crabs Swim Team.


These fees are offered to accommodate two types of swimmers: YEAR-ROUND SWIMMERS and SUMMER SEASONAL SWIMMERS. The fees are per swimmer. They are time specific, and there are no exceptions, as these registration fees and time frames are established by USA Swimming.


Year-Round Swimmer Registration Fee: $100 per swimmer, ALL 12 months

Summer Seasonal Swimmer Registration Fee: $65 per swimmer, April 15 - August 31


Registration Fees
Monthly Fees

Monthly fees are per swimmer and are due by the 5th of each month.

Click on the links below for pricing per location or scroll down the page to browse:

Monthly Fees
Winter Park High School Pool
WPHS Monthly
Stoneybrook East Pool

There are two price structures for this location: One is for Stoneybrook RESIDENTS and the other is for NON-RESIDENTS.


Stoneybrook is a gated community. Non-residents have access to enter the community for swim team practice only during designated practice time frames. All non-resident swimmers at our Stoneybrook location are placed on the gate list once they have submitted their monthly payment. Non-residents entering the community MUST show their drivers license EVERY time they enter through the gate - no exceptions. Upon arrival at the gate, the driver states the name of the swimmer on our team, and the gate attendant will look up the swimmer’s name on our team roster. If there is a problem at the gate, the gate attendant will contact the recreation office and the recreation office will contact the coaching staff.​


Stoneybrook Resident

Stoneybrook Non-Resident

SB Resident Monthly
SB Non-Resident
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